The Apex Small Business Network meets every Tuesday morning at the Apex Chamber of Commerce, located at 220 N Salem Street in Historic Downtown Apex NC, from 9:00am to 10:00am. We usually network at Common Grounds Coffee House and Desserts, across the street at Salem Street Promenade, before and afterwards.

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Personal Services
Business Services
Financial Services
Legal Services
Building, Construction and Remodeling
Real Estate and Related
Vehicle Sales and Service
Fashion and Retail
Media and Entertainment
Events and Recreation
Health and Fitness
Food and Drink
Government and Non-Profit

Personal Services

Hair care, coaches, pet services

Jay Aguilar

Barnsley Brown

Jen Bruns

Trish Cook

Dee Dee Cove

Denise Dominquez

Hope Ethington

Mike Fountain

Charlene Gerogosian

Melanie Hampton

Melinda Iannone

Judy Julian

Troy Kirschner

Troy Kirschner

Rachel Kitto

Dorena Kohrs

Frieda Lin

Janet Mason

Stacy Miller

Eileen Murphy

Joe Novara

Eric Oltman

Tina Owen

Christa Phillips

Tony Rogers

Nancy Ruffner

Mindy Schrager

Dori Staehle

Colette Tomasi

Kelle Tunstall

Gary Weinberg

Aaron Zauber

Business Services

Business consultants, human resources, payroll, coaching, logistics, software, IT services, accountants, bookkeeping

Annette Adamska

William Boyle

Randy Clayton

Warren Davis

Daniel Dudley

Stacy Edwards

Mark Esposito

Kristin Juliano Esteves

Pat Fontana

Courtney Sales Frye

Steven Fultonberg

Sharon Galluzzo

Lynne Garrison

Anna Haley-Liu

Jennifer Hubbard

Andy Kraft

Mary-Catherine Kuralt Smith

Michael LaRocca

Paul Levering

Juliet Malit

Debra Mathias

Joe Matz

JV Miller

Peggy Nickel

Sean OBrien

Lance Olive

Scott Pfister

Keith Prichard

David Riddell

Leatha Ritchie

Tom Rossetti

Jigna Shah

Erin Spencer

Melissa Van

Chandu Vemparala

Curtis Williams

Twila Wilt

Financial Services

Banking, insurance, financial advisors, mortgages

Gail Allen

Gail Allen

Kirstie Auerbach

Gary Barnhardt

Erin Cannon

Robert Courts

Paul Delaney

Matthew Fletcher

Wendy Garrett

J. Allen Gayle

Gary Gross

Paul Hanlon

George Harvey

Leanne Homsky

Harry Hooper

Michael Kelly

Tricia Kohn

Monica Ladd

Bill Laundon

Frank Manson

Jon McCargo

Greg McLean

Wesley Moyer

Heenen Patel

Kelli Peele

Eduardo Rodriguez

Brenda Schwab

Brad Siebert

Briant Sikorski

Chris Thurow

Penny Turner

Christine Walorz

Brian Woomer

Fan Zhang

Attorneys and legal services

Louanne Caspar

James Chadwick Thornton

Building, Construction and Remodeling

Homes, remodeling, home services, building maintenance, architects

Irene Bencito

Brad Carlson

Gary Dinnage

Brian Frost

Fred Gruber

Greg Guy

Greg Harris

Janet Lopez

Terry McKenna

Jon Miller

Florence Ngollo

Tim Rupp

Michael Schleter

Farha Syed

Kaitlyn Turner

Robert VanderHorst

Real Estate and Related

Residential and commercial real estate brokers, property managers

Terrence Boykin

ebony foster

Milly Janvrin

Ann Keehan

Lori Koppel

Paul Kreader

Chantal LeBlanc

Teresa Masters

Alli Pepperling

Jennifer Teborek

Vehicle Sales and Service

Auto dealers, auto maintenance, commercial services, boats

Vinay Raman

Woody Wood

Fashion and Retail

Clothing, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, fashion accessories, other retail


Artists, graphic designers, graphics, photography, crafts

Brandon Brownell

Nick Bryant

Austin Dowd

Annie Flood

Jennifer Kidd

Lisa Kruppa

Patricia Meszler

Jenny Midgley

Eddie Morgan

Jessica McGinnis Yee

Media and Entertainment

Newspapers, magazines, websites, marketing, social media, entertainment

Tom Azcona

Drew Becker

Drew Becker

Bob Bedi

Joe Brown

Sherry Elliott

Katrina Fraley

Robert Greene

Ben Jarosz

Virginia Hanes Jurkin

Scott Kaiser

J.C. Knowles

Cat Lewis

David Lindquist

Leslie Lockhart

Nancy MacCreery

Tim McCauley

Ed Newsom

David Newton

Jeff Philips

Teresa Robinson

Chad Tyner

Jim Vogel

Events and Recreation

Event planners, golf courses, marinas, mobile event vendors

Paul Banta

Heidi Beaudoin

Heather Chandler

Claudia Outlaw

Health and Fitness

Health care, health coaches, exercise equipment, exercise facilities

Angie Ceroli

Jill Dalton

William Dickinson

Doretta Hegg

James Jernigan

Jonathon Kramer

John Lancaster

Deanna Mitchell

Gay Purvis

Kara Ramsey

Megan Reed

Kathy Simmers

Food and Drink

Restaurants, bars, breweries, food products

Laura Anderson

Janet Bowen

Jeannette Ferrell

Chris Holmes

Government and Non-Profit

Government, non-profit organizations, community organizations

Launch Apex

Launch Apex

Barbara Belicic

Shannon Flaherty

Terri Middleton

Carson Nickels